My Foot at Bitcoin Says ‚Don’t Work With Investments‘ After Rising Complaints in Complaint Here

Customers complain of late withdrawal on business that promised up to 10% profit with cryptomoeda.

The site Meu Pé de Bitcoin said it „does not work with investments“ when asked about overdue withdrawals from customers who recently registered complaints on the Complaint Here platform.

According to the complaints site, complaints against My Foot of Bitcoin have increased by 1,000% in about a month. Users of the platform charge for overdue company transfers.

However, Meu Pé de Bitcoin stated that it does not offer returns on investments in cryptomoedas, unlike the customers who charge the company.

My Foot of Bitcoin

The site Meu Pé de Bitcoin is pointed out as an investment business by customers who expect the profit promised by the cryptomoedas business. Although the platform claims that it does not make investments clients cite that they have invested in the company.

This is the case of an investor from Recife – PE who said she has requested the cancellation of a contract with Meu Pé de Bitcoin. By waiting more than 45 days, she concludes that she has not received the ‚investment‘ back.

„I made an investment in June 2020. For health reasons I had to cancel the contract on August 2nd and I was confirmed that within 45 days I would receive the amount due“.

According to the users of the platform, the business offered up to 10% profit in investments in cryptomoedas. With late withdrawal, Meu Pé de Bitcoin News trader scam is unaware of the profit offer on the platform, claiming that it „never offered“ profit to customers.

„We do not make applications for third parties, we enter into partnerships and partnerships with people who believe in our potential and honesty, for those who choose to form a partnership with us, in the form of applicable law, there is the receipt of pro-labore“.

Complain Here

Complaint Here received ten complaints against My Foot from Bitcoin in October 2020, where clients complain about transfers that the company has stopped doing in recent months.

The latest unfavourable complaint about the cryptomoedas investment platform reiterates that My Bitcoin Foot is „lying to people“. In this case, the investor who is from São Paulo – SP says that the company „does not pay right“, in a complaint filed last Thursday (5).

In addition to stating that he is disappointed with the deal, the client of Meu Pé de Bitcoin says that there are users who have been waiting four months for late withdrawal requests.

„I’ve only been disappointed with this company, I don’t recommend it. The company is not good, it doesn’t pay right, they always make excuses. There are people for more than four months without receiving the money. And now with this app, no one solves it, no transfer is made“.

In addition to denying that it offers investments in Bitcoin, the company claims that it does not have „leaders,“ confronting the announcement about the company’s „crypto potentiators.

„We don’t work with investments, so we have no investment leaders.“

Still contradicting the company, in a Facebook group called ‚cryptomime arbitrage‘ a possible crypto enhancer invites other investors to join ‚My Bitcoin Foot. The user promises profits of 0.05% to 3% per month and uses a filter in the profile photo with the business logo.

More time to pay

According to My Foot Bitcoin customers who have registered complaints on the site Reclame Aqui, the company is having problems with delayed withdrawals. One of the investors says that the business asked for more time to return the money from users who are canceling contracts.

Therefore, until then payments happened within 45 days after the termination of the contract. With the change this period increases to 75 days, as the investor from São Paulo – SP says.

„Now they are saying that it is 75 days to receive my money that I requested redemption. Very nice My Foot of Bitcoin. I don’t recommend it, they are lying to people“.

In response, Meu Pé de Bitcoin stated that it is a startup that „provides technology for establishments to receive in Bitcoin,“ refusing to offer any kind of investment in cryptomoedas.

About the complaints on the site Reclame Aqui, the site Meu Pé de Bitcoin states that everything is just a „big misunderstanding“ and that the registration of the complaints may be aimed at damaging the image of the business.